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Monday, December 12, 2011

yes,,its assigment-settle- down- week..

hee,,this week is week of clear up and finishing of assignment,,tgl lg dua je ,,tu pun sikit2 je lg..hee,,
then boleh stdy tok final dah..hehe..mlm ni mcm xtaw nk buat ape,baru lps edit esaimen law yang dah siap..hee
mybe nk cari bhn tok ib,sbb esk nk discuss,,lgpun rabu i hve meeting with felo for abadi,thursday grup discusion for biscom,nk bg2 part je kan,kt facebook pun bole je nk buat,tp dyeorg nk jmpe,so ikut jela,,hee,friday submit ma assigment..but ma,still not complete yet,,i juz only draft roughly..esk kite discus la kwn2 eh..
so,jgn stress2 sue,,jgn mensusahkan ia..hee
gogochaiyoksue..u can do it..:)

p/s:saya rindu awk,awk rindu saya tak??

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