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Tuesday, August 28, 2012



okay,am i too hot..hahhhaa :)
this is crazyy okayy..
tetiba mlm ni dia kol bgai then confess mcm tuh.
mybe its my fault because have make him  fall in love with me.
havent thought that he is also like me.
he confess after almost 2 weeks  i have relationship with someone that i'm really love
so,u guys can predict what my answer right.
to him,,sorry,my heart was stole by someone else,so u can't take it.
and to mr.love,no worries okay,u are my number one.with no regret. :)
later i will story mory with u,too hard to connect with u right now,huhu


  1. amboi,lju je kaw mengomen ye,huhu,adelah,mana ley gtaw kaw,huhu