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Thursday, September 27, 2012



tadi kekonon nak tdo,atlast,i end up my morning with settle down my thesis,oh baru chapter 1 jela,last editing,hope not much changes after see pn,hafizah tomorow.
 minggu ni rasa mcm sgt teruk sikit,almost tiap hari jugak la stress
orang sekeliling aku pun dah tension dgr aku asyik sebut stress je,sorry la semua
sbb benda alah kertas ilmiah ni,selagi xsiap,selagi tula aku asyik stress je.lagi stress bila tgh sibuk buat benda ni sume then ade minah xtaw apa masalah tu  nak cari pasal dengan aku. tah kenape dia pun aku xtaw..rasa macam nak face to face je balik weekend ni,i want it will be clear among us.
jangan nak hipokrit sgt la each other,yess i admit,i really feel that i'm very hipocryte right now,too much fake among us. and the worst thing when i'm starting hate them,both of them.
the best cure actually,try to forget them.yes it was a big mistake to know them tapi mungkin ade hikmah lain kan..hope this is the last one i talk about them here.

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